Welcome to the club!

We are a group of Huns who are obsessed with close and intense simracing. The Fanatics! 🙂
We run quality F1 sim races every weekend at 20:00 Central European time.
20 mins qualification
60 mins + 1 lap race
You MUST own the excellent racesimstudio Formula hybrid 2021 mod to join. No fees or costs, just drive clean!
Our main events are live streamed by simracingcompany.hu
Races http://formulafanaticsclub.hu/versenynaptar/
Racers http://formulafanaticsclub.hu/versenyzok/
Hotlaps http://de.assettohosting.com:25030/lapstat

Join us on Discord or Facebook and register your interest!

Our test championship at the moment is the Rebellion R13 kupa.
This fantastic mod can be downloaded for free: 

Dates will be available later.